George & Louie's first adventure

Last week, Liam and I took the boys on a road trip to Liam's hometown Portland for a few days.

It took us around three hours to get there, which wasn't too bad as we almost couldn't go due to all the snow that blessed the UK with it's presence last week!

Naturally, it was a lot different to all our previous road trips to Portland before we had the twins. Usually, we would be cruising down the motorway and music loud enough so you couldn't hear me singing. We would stop at the services to stretch our legs and grab a burger - and Krispy Kreme - and had the luxury of using the toilet.

This time consisted of driving like we had all year, music volume was low because you know, I needed to hear the boys breathing at all times. When we arrived at the services, Liam ran in to get our junk food and left me in the car to stare at George and Louie. We rushed our food because we didn't want the boys to wake for their milk before we finished our burger king and in the end they didn't even want it.

So, we decided to take a risk and continue our journey, hoping that the boys would last the rest of the way. Well, that hope just went and took a dive right out the window because the minute we got back on to the motorway, Louie woke up and decided to have a screaming session. We ended up having to pull in at a petrol station, parked around the back and fed them both there in the dark.

We finally made it to Portland and despite the rubbish weather, the rest of the week was lovely and relaxing. We spent it with family, went for a couple of walks, lunches and we even managed a couple of cinema trips where the boys ear defenders came in handy!

Just kidding, we had an amazing babysitter in the form of my mother in law for the evening.

As it was the boys first trip since arriving in to the world, I wanted to film a little home video to capture a bit of our week. With it raining half of the time, there wasn't a lot to see, but I managed to get enough to make a little montage video. Check out a little snippet of George and Louie's first little adventure below. Everything was shot on my phone!

If you have any home videos that you would like edited together in to a video memory for you and the family to treasure, get in touch now!

Elle :)

Music in this video is 'Send me on my way' by Rusted Root

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