My wedding highlights #1

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Happy Friday everyone!

One of the things I am hoping to be posting regularly on here are condensed versions of my clients montage videos.

These videos will serve as little sneak peeks for past, current and potential clients to enjoy looking at and it will enable me to showcase what I can do by providing a little taster for whoever visits my site (fingers crossed).

To kick start these posts off, I thought sharing my own weddings highlights would be a good idea, as it was editing my own wedding that lead me to starting White Ribbon Productions. I also feel it will give you all a little bit more of me and my family.

I may write a post in the future about my wedding day and everyone that made it incredible, but I think that post would be for another day.

I loved editing my wedding video and had around 16 hours of footage to get through. The team of three that filmed our wedding were amazing, but they weren't family or friends, so when going through my footage, I realised that it wasn't as interactive as I would have liked. Although, the video came out just as beautiful, it was a major reason for me deciding to go down the 'film it yourself' route when starting this business as I truly feel if I had one of my crazy cousins or friends behind the camera, it would have been even better!

Check my video out below and if you like what you see and have an event of your own coming up, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

Elle :)

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